About Us

Our History

The Mudgee branch of Field and Game which is better known as Mudgee Sporting Clays came about when three local clay target shooters Jim Taylor, Col Atkins and Peter Clarkson attended a simulated field shoot in about 1975. The three individuals had been members of Gulgong Gun Club which was affiliated with the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) where each month they would shoot in so called "down the line" events. As they were also keen bush shooters they had heard about a simulated field shoot which was held each year on the long weekend in October on the banks of the Namoi River at Boggabri NSW. This shoot had been started by Vic Eather and Stan McMaster who have both now passed on.

Col Atkins Peter Clarkson Jim Taylor

Col Atkins

Peter Clarkson

Jim Taylor

Simulated field targets were set to replicate game so you could practice your shooting skills when game seasons were closed. Targets would be set to copy springing teal ducks, or ducks landing on a dam, or maybe a rabbit running along the ground. They were hooked. They started to take note where else they could shoot this so called simulated field.

Dubbo had formed a branch of Field and Game so they started attending some shoots. Sydney had a branch at Castlereagh and Hawksberry gun club started running the ‘’Guns Gully”’. It was at one of these events in Sydney that they met Warren Dickinson. When indicating to Warren that they were keen to set up a branch of Field and Game on Jim’s property near Mudgee he was more than willing to help. Back then nearly all the traps used were manuals. Sydney branch had thrown some old traps on the scrap heap so Jim and Col salvaged these to get started. Jim and Peter each had one manual trap each so a rough layout at Buckaroo would come to fruition. Jim had also found a couple of old snipe traps that needed repairing. Every couple of weeks a round or two was held and more shooters became interested in this type of shooting. It was decided to form a club and affiliate with the Field and Game Association. This was about 1980.

In the early days Dubbo branch were more than helpful to loan traps when needed. As the years passed the club went on to run NSW state selection events, the NSW state championships and the Australian Nationals. Jim Taylor who has passed on to the shooting world in the sky claimed the National Veteran winner on several occasions. When Jim passed on and the property that we shot on changed hands the decision was made to move to the Windamere shooting complex which is on the Sydney side of Mudgee opposite the Windamere dam. From those early days where we only had a few manual traps we now have approximately thirty automatic traps. Membership has grown from the original few to over eighty members.

Our Achievements

Mudgee Sporting Clays have produced a large number shooters that have represented New South Wales State Team, with Lady Shooters Junior Shooters, Open shooters & veteran shooters. Mudgee branch has produced the State Champion shooter a number of times. Mudgee shooters have represented NSW at National competitions & Mudgee members have also represented Australia at world titles events.

What We Offer

Our members shoot on the second and fourth Sunday of each month starting at 10am. Under the current NSW licencing arrangements interested people who have no licence can try out the sport under supervision by filling out the details on a P650 form. You will be made most welcome.

We also have firearm safety awareness officers who can do licence testing for those new shooters who require a shooters licence.

We also offer Bucks Days, Hen Parties, Corperate Days for all occasions, contact for details & pricing